Quantum Poker Breakdown

Here I give a short video describing the book in order to help you figure out if it is worth purchasing for you:



Some Small Errors

I have been made aware of a couple of minor errors, a couple of which involve equations that need to be rectified.  I will work hard to update the material and post the fixes here, also ensuring anyone that buys the book doesn’t receive them.  They don’t really effect the overall content of the book, and obviously I am human and prone to many, many errors.  But I do think this book is working better than ever and getting people thinking about poker the way it was meant to be (combinatorically).  Sorry for the lack of updates and content, I have put working on the book on hold for a bit while I work hard playing poker in the San Diego area.  I still do plan to have supplemental material and eventually a follow up workbook.  Thanks for all the support, and don’t be shy to email me or message me on 2p2 (ActionDJ), cardrunners (sixpeppers), pokerzion (sixpeppers), or twitter (@sixpeppers).  I am always happy to discuss the book, and issues in it, and if you think you found an error please let me know.

Thanks guys, enjoy!

Kindle and iPad versions are on the way!

I have updated the book after finding a few more errors (I’m not perfect) and have sent it off to get edited professionally into Kindle and iPad formats, it should be done and selling within the week.  In the meantime, because I have updated the book yet again, I have all these old books of the previous version that I am going to need to get rid of.  I will have to think of some sort of giveaway for them.

I’m still working hard on the supplemental videos that I have promised everyone.  I haven’t had a ton of time to work on them but they are on my mind and will be worked on soon.

In the meantime check out my latest video for cardrunners.com which dives into the concept Folding Equity and Bet Sizing in even more detail than the book.  Cardrunners will be doing some promotions with the book and I should have an article up on their site soon as well.

Working Hard or Hardly Working

I have been working hard playing poker the last few weeks, and I have moved into a new place.  That doesn’t leave a lot of free time for improving the website and expanding the additional features of the book, but I still have very specific and important plans to add value to the book and thought I would lay them out here for anyone considering purchasing Quantum Poker, and anyone that already has.

  First, I plan to create a promotional video for the book that helps explain what to expect from the book and what you can hope to get out of it.  Second, I plan to create two instructional videos that come along with the book via an e-mail link when purchased.  They will be totally free and anyone who purchases the book now, and anyone who has purchased it, will still get them for free.  I will make sure and e-mail everyone once they become available.  The first video will basically be a side by side of chapter 4 designed to help people through it and help nail in the concept of enumeration.  I believe so much in this concept; I know it is the technically correct way to look at poker and I believe the more people that can view it this (proper) way, the better they will all be at poker.  The second video will be a couple of CREV walkthroughs and made to help encourage people to use CREV and share their trees with others, so that we can all learn tough (and tough to calculate and put together) situations to the best of our ability and fix all those minor leaks that you can still have even as a high stake pro.  All the videos I am making I intend to add unique flash animation that kind of represents or brings out what I see in my head when I talk about these concepts (their importance is so dear to me and the lack of discussion on the topic is astonishing, I really want to be the first to nail this one down!).

Alongside these project I am still working on releasing videos for CardRunners and Synergy Poker in order to expand some advertising channels as well as show people what I am all about as a coach and poker player.

I truly hope everyone is enjoying their book, even the tough and boring parts, and I hope I am opening up your mind to expert decision-making, and helping you to remove your ego! I have gotten a bit of criticism on the title and I admit it sounds a little childish or sleazy at first, but once you understand the material inside the book, I think you will understand why I named it Quantum Poker.


The Ball is Rolling

I have been working hard to get the name of my book out there, and have sent out tons of e-mails and shipped out numerous copies in order to get reviews from friends, colleagues, and other poker professionals.  The ball is rolling and someone even started a thread about the book on twoplustwo – check it out.  In the meantime, I am trying to get some interviews on poker podcasts, get some articles out there in magazines and on training sites, and spread the word.  The next couple of weeks will be crucial in securing the necessary reviews and advertising I need in order to get the publicity I feel this book deserves, wish me luck!

We are go for Launch

I have officially launched Quantum Poker and am selling it on createspace.com and amazon.com (I get a better commission if you buy from createspace.com).  I will soon be changing my distribution around so that I only sell from amazon.com, but need to first review the cover of the final copy of my book, because we changed it a little bit, and then order a bunch of copies of it.  To buy Quantum Poker, go here: https://www.createspace.com/3826514

and use discount code: J7PH3R34 for $10 off.  Please e-mail me with reviews, comments, critisisms, I would love to hear from ya: derric.haynie@gmail.com

Hello world!

We are closing in on launch day.  I have the final preview version of the book being mailed to my house and after I approve it we will be selling on Amazon.com and advertising across many poker training sites and forums to get the word out about Quantum Poker.  Soon you will be able to buy the book and sign up on the email list for news and promotions.